Freemium vs. Premium cam sites, what's the difference?

Updated: Nov 22, 2020

Freemium vs. Premium - Understanding the difference.

Most people believe that all webcam platforms are the same, but this isn't the case. Although most webcam sites look similar to one another, and the concept pretty much remains the same throughout the cam industry, there are two types of cam sites: "Premium" and "Freemium."

Before anything else, when deciding which cam site you want to join, you need to determine what type of cam site. So you must understand the primary differences between the two.

What is a Freemium webcam site?

A Freemium cam site is a platform where models typically perform nude during the free shows and primarily work for tips.

Freemium cam sites typically operate in tokens, pose to credits. In most cases, one token = USD 0.05 to the service provider.

Usually, other show types are available on these platforms; but they aren't the most common purpose. The idea is that a viewer will tip the model tokens to request specific actions during an open chat, and if the viewer wants her all to himself on a no-limit show, he may take her into an exclusive type show where he'd be charged per minute.

Anybody can enjoy a Freemium cam site, even those that are not paying. They may still watch and interact with the model.

What is a Premium webcam site?

Premium cam sites are the opposite of Freemium cam sites; nothing is free on a Premium platform.

Sure, you can enjoy watching a hot model broadcast; however, viewers shouldn't expect to see anything explicit, including boobies! 🥺

Premium cam sites typically cost a lot more than Freemium cam sites, as the model sets their own rate per minute, and they are usually charged a large percentage from the site. You can expect to pay $4 or so per minute on the low end on a Premium platform.

Pros and Cons.

Best Freemium cam sites?

Several freemium cam sites listed below are the largest and most reputable platforms in the world.

What are the best Premium webcam sites?

There are just as many popular, premium webcam sites as it is freemium. Listed below are some of the best premium webcam sites out there.

So which should I choose?

Freemium cam sites are not necessarily better than Premium sites, and vice versa. Both concepts have proven to work, and users will usually swear by one or the other.

It's always a good idea to try both types of sites, and see which one you enjoy most.